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Child Carriers and Trailers

One of the best ways to get kids hooked on cycling is to start them early and share the joy with them.  Even before a child begins riding his or her own bike, you can take them with you on your rides.

There are three main ways to take a child with you on your bicycle: bike-mounted child seats, pedal trailer bikes and child trailers.


Bike Mounted Child Carriers

Child Bike Seats are a practical solution for toting your child around.  Whether you use one of the rear passenger bike child carriers like the CoPilot Limo or Taxi or a front mounted bike child seats like the Thule RideAlong Mini and the iBert Safe-T-Seat, it is simple to carry your little one along on your bike rides.  Most child bike seats will have additional mounts available, so that you can easily switch between bicycles.

       Front Mount Carriers

Thule RideAlong Mini - Front Mount Seat

Thule's RideAlong Mini front bike seat allows your child to go along for… [more]

YEPP Mini Front Seat

The Yepp mini is a lightweight and easy-to-use snug-fitting front child… [more]

       Rear Mount Carriers

YEPP Maxi Rear Bicycle Child Carrier

The Yepp maxi is a light and easy-to-use rear child bicycle seat that is… [more]

YEPP EasyFit Rear Bicycle Child Carrier

The Yepp Maxi 'Easyfit' provides your child exactly what it needs:… [more]

Topeak BabySeat II - Rear Rack Mounted Seat

A wrap-around seat structure creates a virtual cocoon of protection and… [more]

Adams Trail-A-Bike Baby Seat

Extend the life of your Trail-A-Bike with a Baby Seat. The Baby Seat… [more]

Pedal Trailer Bikes

Pedal trailers and trail-a-bikes are great way to teach your child the joys of riding a bike. In both instances, you control the balance and steering, while your little one contributes to the pedaling. Even though pedal trailers and trail-a-bikes are similar in concept, there are some key differences between the two. Generally speaking, children sit higher up in a trail-a-bike and are required to pedal, whereas the pedal trailer features a lower center of gravity, and gives children the option of pedaling, making it more suitable for younger children.
Adams Original Folder 1 Trail-A-Bike

Adams' Original Folder 1 Trail-A-Bike lets your child pedal along with you… [more]

Adams Original Folder Compact Trail-A-Bike

Adams' Original Folder Compact Trail-A-Bike lets your child pedal along… [more]

Accessories for Trail-A-Bikes

Adams Trail-A-Bike Baby Seat

Extend the life of your Trail-A-Bike with a Baby Seat. The Baby Seat… [more]

Adams Back Rest

Adams' Back Rest allows your child to ride in comfort with you. It simply… [more]

Child Trailers

Cycling is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy, but it becomes a whole lot more fun when you have others along for the ride. Taking your kids with you in a quality bike trailer means you can take your two-wheeled fun to all new levels!

Thule Coaster XT - 2 Child Trailer

Thule Coaster is a durable bicycle trailer that provides a safe,… [more]

Thule Cadence - 2 Child Trailer

Whether your day includes a quick trip downtown or a longer bicycle-based… [more]