Racks & Packs to Carry your Shopping, Books & Gear

Carrying your essentials is easier than ever with our wide array of rear bike racks, bike panniers, seat bags, trunk bags and baskets.

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Rear Baskets help Carry more Shopping!

Easily mounting to the top or side of your rear rack, these baskets give you more carrying capacity and will safely balance more weight than a front basket. Use a front basket to carry your personal items, ( handbag, phone, etc.) and use the rear baskets to haul that gallon of milk.

Sunlite Rack Top Pet Basket
The Sunlite Pet basket mounts easily to most front or rear bicycle racks. I...
Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier
The mesh-sided Grocery Bag Pannier is the perfect bag for riding down to th...

Fun Baskets for Children's Bikes!

Junior size baskets fit nicely on the handlebars of your child's bike. Great for carrying dolls, toys, water bottles and adding fun style to the bike. Many colors and types to choose.

Jandd Kid's Saddle & Handlebar Bag
Jandd's Kid's Saddle & Handlebar Bag is a modern version of the versatile 2...
Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Kids' Surfside Basket
Perfect for heading to the park or riding to a friend's house, Nantucket's ...

Handlebar Packs & Phone Holders!

Keep your valuables, handbags, phones, cameras safely stowed away on the front of your bicycle. Handlebar phone holders allow easy access for that incoming call and utilization of the many mapping and cycling apps.

Jandd Touring l Handlebar Pack
For the serious cycle tourist, nothing completes the perfect setup like eit...
Jandd Mountain 4 Handlebar Pack
Jandd's Mountain 4 Handlebar Pack has 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, an...
Jandd 7/11 Handlebar Pack
When we first introduced our Quick Release Bracket (QRB) we had a rash of r...

Rear Racks for the Back of your Bike

A rack provides a stable framework to hold gear on your bicycle. In good weather, items can be strapped directly to the rack without a cover. For weather protection or the ability to hold loose items together, rack trunks and panniers can be easily attached to the rear rack. This provides you with a secure and balanced way to carry your gear in all conditions.

Portland Design Works Loading Dock Rear Rack
You'll be amazed by how much cargo you can transport with your very own Loa...
Jandd Expedition Rack
The Expedition Rack is the rack of choice for cyclists who require exceptio...
Portland Design Works Payload Steel Rear Rack
You'll be able to haul a real payload with this strong rack from Portland D...
Blackburn EX-1 Disc Rack
- Mounting system works with disc brake frames and bikes lacking rear dropo...
Topeak Explorer 29er Tubular Rack w/Disc Mounts
Topeak's Explorer Tubular Rack is a great add-on for carrying a trunk bag, ...
Jandd Lite Duty Rack
The Lite Duty Rack is designed for the budget-minded cyclist who desires a ...
Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack w/Spring
Topeak's Explorer Tubular Rack is a great add-on for carrying a trunk bag, ...
Blackburn EX-1 Expedition Rack
Blackburn's EX-1 rack does everything. Built for maximum durability of 9mm ...
Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack
Topeak's Explorer Tubular Rack is a great add-on for carrying a trunk bag, ...
Blackburn Local Spring Clip Front or Rear Rack
This rack features Blackburn's top-deck design plus a spring-loaded clip to...
Blackburn Local Top Deck Front or Rear Rack
Carry up to 45 pounds of cargo with this robust rack that's width adjustabl...
Blackburn Local Standard Front or Rear Rack
Made from solid aluminum, this rack secures your cargo and also acts as an ...

Rear Panniers to Carry your Shopping, Books & Gear!

Panniers offer roomy storage, protection from weather and the ability to quickly disconnect from the rack so you can take your gear with you. They attach to racks using a simple system of spring-loaded hooks, clips or bungee cords.

Jandd Economy Pannier-Pair
Jandd's Economy Panniers are an excellent basic set of bags for the budget-...
Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier
The mesh-sided Grocery Bag Pannier is the perfect bag for riding down to th...

Bike Trunk Bags - Great for Day Excursions & Commuting!

Rear rack top trunk bags come in various shapes and sizes and their usability spans many types of cycling. From light commuting, to traveling, to long touring expeditions, trunk bags are a quick and easy solution for increasing carrying capacity on a bike.

Topeak MTX TrunkBag DX
Topeak's MTX TrunkBag DX boasts an expandable main compartment to carry all...
Jandd Rear Rack Pack ll
The Rear Rac Pac II is modeled after the Rac Pac I, with a roomy main compa...
Topeak MTX TrunkBag EX
Topeak's MTX TrunkBag EX is perfect for commuting and running errands on yo...
Jandd Rear Rack Pack
Spacious enough to hold eight cans of soda, the Rear Rac Pac I is equally w...
Jandd Rear Rack Pack Economy
The Rear Pack Economy is a simpler version of our time tested Rear Rack Pac...

Saddle Bags to carry your Cycling Essentials & Repair Gear!

Saddle bags are the standard for cyclists looking to carry the bare minimum: tools, spare tubes, tire inflation kits, keys, and the like. Saddle bags offer convenient access, easy mounting, and an out-of-the-way position underneath your saddle.

Jandd Mountain Wedge Expandable
The Mountain Wedge Expandable is the ideal wedge for the rider who occasion...
Jandd Mountain Wedge ll
The Mountain Wedge II has been completely redesigned with easy access in mi...
Jandd Bike Bag-Saddle & Handlebar
The Bike Bag is a modern version of the versatile 2-point suspension bag. T...
Jandd Mini Mountain Wedge
The Mini Mountain Wedge is packed full of great features, designed to stand...