Talbot's New Bicycle Service

All new bicycles sold at Talbot's are fully assembled - ready to ride.
The services listed below are included with the purchase of a new bicycle from Talbot's

Talbot's Cyclery Assembly and Service

        At Talbot’s, all of our bicycles are sold fully assembled.  Our assembly manager, Luis Chavarin, has over 20 years experience with Talbot’s Cyclery supervising our assembly department.  He is responsible for maintaining the high level of quality that Talbot’s customer’s expect.  Our assembly crew consists primarily of full-time adult employees.  Talbot’s receives bicycles in a partially assembled condition.  The bikes are carefully unpacked and inspected. All cardboard cartons and packaging are recycled.  
        The assembly process consists of installation and adjustment of the various components; saddles, handlebars and controls, pedals, wheels, brakes and gearing systems. The assembly work by the factory assemblers is checked for accuracy.  This consists of the hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings.  All fittings are then checked for proper tightness and final assembly is complete.  Our average assembly time per bike is 1 hour.
        The final assembly is then checked by Luis before the bike is removed from the assembly stand.  Once the quality control check is done, the bicycle is stored in our warehouse or transferred to the showroom.  When the bicycle is sold, it undergoes a third checkout by our service mechanics prior to delivery.  This procedure is followed on all bikes; from the 12” children’s sidewalk bikes to our high-tech road and off-road racing bikes.  We recognize our responsibility to provide safe and properly assembled bicycles.

90-Day/150 mile Tune-up Service

Our 90-Day/150 Mile Tune-Up Service consists of the following:

• Inspect, safety check, and tighten all components and fittings to manufacturers’ specifications.
• Inspect and adjust gearing and braking systems.
• Inspect and adjust headset, hub and bottom bracket bearings.
• True wheels and check spoke tension.
• Lubricate according to manufacturers’ specifications.
    Our normal shop rate for this service is $95.00.  This service is included in the purchase price of your bicycle.  Talbot’s makes every effort to make this a same or next day service.  Appointments are available.  Also, any accessories purchased at this time will be installed free of labor charge.
One Year Maintenance Service

         Talbot’s will perform minor service work to your bicycle as needed for a period of one year from the date of purchase.  This service consists of inspecting and tightening all components and fittings on your bicycle.  Brakes and gears will be adjusted and lubricated as needed. Wheels are trued on the bike.  The bicycle is completely checked for safe operation.
        We realize some bikes will see more severe use.  This may require a more comprehensive tune-up or service to insure safe and correct operation.  Our service manager may make this recommendation if needed.  These repairs would be charged our regular shop rates. Flats, damage due to accident or abuse, non-warranty replacement parts and installation labor are charged at regular shop rates.