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EZ Boarding

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$449.99 $600.00 25% Savings
The Biria Easy Boarding Easy 7 Speed 700c City Bike is designed to fit a person who is taller than 5'10" - the design also gives the bike a hybrid feel. The Biria Easy Boarding Easy 7 Speed 700c City Bike has a standover height of just a few inches off the ground. The EZ Boarding is the only bicycle in the world with such an elegant and stable step through frame design. Whether you are going shopping, running errands or just taking a ride in town with friends, the EZ Boarding will make it a lot of fun. The EZ Boarding makes cycling easier for everyone because it has a frame that makes the bike extremely easy to mount. Often imitated but never replicated, this is the ultimate step through bicycle, with an oversized aluminum frame tubing that gives it the toughness and elegance required by the discerning rider. It is equally at home in the park or at the beach giving you styling and performance that cannot be beat! Having originated in Germany, Biria Bicycles became a popular throughout Europe, due to its flair for being both utilitarian and stylish.
Biria Easy Boarding Lite 8
$599.99 $935.00 36% Savings
With a frame that is only 6-inches from the ground, Biria's Lite 8 makes hopping on and off simple and easy. The oversize tubing that makes up the aluminum frame is durable while details such as stitched leather grips, fenders, and a rear rack make this a fun and versatile bike to explore on. Thanks to the smooth-shifting, ultra-reliable 8-speed internally geared hub from Shimano, keeping the Lite's 26-inch wheels rolling down the road is a breeze. On top of all that, this easy boarding bike features a comfy saddle and sweptback, high-rise handlebars for a back-friendly seating position. Optional Rear Rack and Fenders included!
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